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Computer Based Training

In the modern fast changing shipping environment it is clear that these days a competent crew will provide a competitive advantage.


Key element in the competency building and maintaining process is the crew training. SQE, a committed developer of training material, is providing for the first time its vast set of CBTs on a Library Basis with an annual fee scheme. A sum of 14 hours of dedicated state of the art training is available with titles included as follows.


Duration Lessons Certificate Printout


Safety Training
ISM Drills 2 hours 8 Yes Yes
Safe Working Practices 2 hours 10 Yes Yes
Security Training
The Security Code 1 hour - Yes No
Shipboard Security Training 4 hours 10 Yes Yes
ISPS Drills 2 hours 8 Yes Yes
The ISPS Code (DVD) 2 hours - No No
Environmental Training
Ballast Water Management 2 hours 10 Yes Yes
Operations Training
Risk Management 2 hours 10 Yes Yes



Benefits of use

  • Small annual fee
  • Flexibility to plan and properly manage fleet training
  • State of the art training
  • Training may be completed in several sessions
  • Easy to use for all crew and office staff
  • Documented evidence of training
  • Administrator function for fleet management


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